Security Service Power Protected Checking

More than just a checking account, Power Protected Checking can monitor your personal information to protect your Security Service and other bank accounts, as well as your identity.

To register for Power Protected ID Monitoring, you must have the Member ID from the activation email you received when you opened your Power Protected Checking account.

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Registration for Power Protected ID Monitoring requires a Member ID provided by SSFCU.

NOTE: The required Member ID is NOT your Security Service Member Number.

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For questions about your eligibility call 877-421-0515.

To register you must meet the eligibility requirements and program terms and conditions.


Your Power Protected Checking Services Include:

Recovery Services

  • Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery

○ IRS Tax Fraud Refund Advance

○ Credit Freeze Assistance

  • Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance - up to $25,000*

Entitlement to Power Protected ID Monitoring Services**

  • One Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Daily TransUnion® Credit Reports and Scores (new)
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • High Risk Transactions Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring (new)
  • Dark Web Monitoring

○ IP Address Monitoring (new)

○ Dark Web Breach Notifications (new)

Solicitation Reduction

Mobile Phone Coverage

Security Service Power Protected ID Monitoring

With more than 30 different types of identity fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission, you may be affected in ways you have not considered. With Power Protected ID Monitoring, you are covered for both financial and non-financial identity theft. As a member of SSFCU Power Protected Checking you are covered with Fully Managed Identity Recovery (3G Family Coverage). Learn more about this important benefit by reviewing the Identity Theft Protection Benefits Overview .

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*Identity theft insurance is underwritten by Lyndon Southern Insurance Company, a member of the Fortegra family of companies. The information provided is a program summary. Please refer to the Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Evidence of Coverage forms for additional information including details of benefits, specific exclusions, terms, conditions and limitations of coverage. Coverage is currently not available to residents of the state of New York and may not be available in other U.S. territories or jurisdictions in the future.
**MONITORING SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO THE PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER ON AN ENTITLED BASIS AND REQUIRE CONSUMER ACTIVATION. Monitoring alerts are provided by email and/or SMS text. Credit Services are provided by TransUnion®, subject to change, and are applicable to individuals age 18 and older who have a valid credit file. Identity authentication is required to view credit monitoring alerts, reports, and scores. The credit score provided may not be consistent with the credit score model used by a lender, and therefore can not be relied upon to determine creditworthiness for any particular loan opportunity.